Aerolite (55x35x20cm) Lightweight Hard Shell Ca...
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Aerolite (55x35x20cm) Lightweight Hard Shell Cabin Hand Luggage- Carton (3)
Amazing Airline Comparability: At Aerolite, we understand that travellers may fly with many different airlines throughout their lifetime. That's why we designed this cabin case so it is accepted on the vast majority of airlines throughout the UK, Europe and...
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  • Charcoal (3)
  • Rose Gold (3)
  • Wine (3)
  • Black
Aerolite 55x40x20cm Ryanair Priority Maximum Hard Shell Hand Cabin Luggage Suitcase 55x40x20 with 2 Wheels - Fits easyJet British Airways Jet2 & More
PACK THE MAX FOR RYANAIR PRIORITY BOARDING: At Aerolite, we understand it’s frustrating when you can’t pack everything you want. That’s why we specifically designed the Aerolite ABS321 to be the MAXIMUM allowed cabin size (55x40x20) for some of the...
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Aerolite Hard Shell Rolling Padded Laptop Case Bag on 4 Wheels - Fits up to 15.6", Overnight Trolley Business Hand Cabin Luggage Case Black
DIMENSIONS: 46.5x41.5x23cm (All Parts) 45x35x23cm (Body) / Capacity: 36L / 2.7kg - Features a sleek, smart black design by Aerolite with a lightweight, but sturdy, double-tube aluminium handle that extends to bring the total height up to 1 metre. This...
Aerolite 56x45x25 Easyjet British Airways Jet2 Maximum Allowance 46L Lightweight Hard Shell Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage Travel Spinner Suitcase with 4 Wheels
This suitcase is exactly 56x45x25cm to allow you to pack the maximum possible allowance for two of the UK's most popular airlines - Easyjet and British Airways. The Aerolite brand is proud to offer some of the world's lightest luggage sets, helping to ensure...
Aerolite (55x40x20cm) Lightweight Hard Shell Cabin Hand Luggage 4 Wheels, Carton (4)
This suitcase is exactly 55x40x20cm to allow you to pack the maximum possible allowance for Ryanair - one of Europe's most of the UK's most popular airlines. Plus, this suitcase also fits within the maximum restrictions for Easyjet, British Airways,...
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