Sport24 Weighted Gym Hula Hoop Fitness Exercise Ring Wave Weighted 0.9KG Soft & Adjustable Kids/Adult 72-95cm Gift for Youth Adults Ladies with Skipping Rope and Measuring Tape

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  • ✓Easy to Assemble and Carry- Our Fitness Hula hoop comes in 8 easily detachable yet durable and sturdy sections. Simply adjust the size from 8 to 7 sections for children, depending on your figure or if 8 simply feels a little too heavy for you. Easy storage and assemble make it simple and effortless to take to the gym, playground, beach, park, on holiday and anywhere else.
  • ✓Superior deep padded foam-High quality, non-toxic, soft yet durable foam padded fitness hoop combined with the wave groove design effortlessly tailors to your waistline making it extremely comfortable. The tough and long-lasting plastic core covered with soft EVA Foam with moulded inner ridges provides you with further comfort which you especially feel after a few days of getting used to the hoop and makes for an easy clean as it resists bacteria and moisture from penetrating the surface.
  • ✓Sport24 Fitness Hula Hoop – Specialised Wave Design helps increase your circulation and flexibility and the weighting improves your Core Balance. Extremely effective at weight loss around your stomach. Burn over 200 calories in just one 30-minute workout routine helping you reach your lockdown fitness goals! Majorly strengthen inner core muscles to improve posture and back problems. It will trim your waistline and develop mobility of the spine and hips ensuring the joints remain flexible.
  • ✓Fitness Hula Hoop for kids/youths/adults- Sport24 hula hoop weight is 0.9kg and 95cm wide. Its adjustable size makes it tailored for many more people of different ages, sizes and of differing waist circumferences. Perfect for adults, kids and youths.

Adjustable size

Sport24 hula hoop’s weight is 0.9kg and 95cm wide and can be adjusted to 84cm at 7 sections and even 72cm at 6 section with a weight of 0.75kg making it tailored for many more people of different ages, sizes and of differing waist circumferences. Perfect for adults, kids and youths.

Easy to Assemble and Adjust

Very easy to put together, simply click together to assemble. Can be adjusted to cater for the needs of the whole family for a vast range of waist sizes. In doing so you can use it all day long!

Specialised wave grove design

This is an effective design to tackle weight loss around stubborn fat loss areas including your stomach, abdomen area and even your obliques. This is designed for serious fat burning, and trimming your waistline. You can burn over 200 calories in just half an hour and with better core muscles this will improve posture and reduce the risk of back problems. It will even help you increase flexibility in your joints and mobility in your spine and hips and push you toward your fitness goals!

High quality padded foam climate friendly

Our Non-Toxic fitness hula hoop is extremely comfortable due to the superior deep padded foam making your fitness journey even more comfortable and attainable or if you are simply bored or with friends and want to enjoy your time at home or out in the park this fitness hula hoop is the perfect fit for you and you with an even smaller waist!

Increases circulation and cardiovascular health

Increases flexibility and burns calories

Improves Core Balance and Waist Line

For the beach, at home or on holiday

For the gym and dance classes

To help you achieve your fitness goals!

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